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That the official hashtag of the econgress Málaga (#econgress18) has had in a single day . We have analyzed the social conversation generated in this social network. In addition. We did not miss the Brazil phone number to attend the event with a stand and to give a free workshop on Social Listening & Social Analytics. Index [ hide ] Mentions of the econgressmalaga account on Twitter Analysis of the hashtags #econgress18 and #econgress Tweet volume Top 10 users with the most tweets Top 10 users with more followers The hashtags of the VI econgress Malaga #econgress18 Trending Topic

Engagement Type of tweets Mentions of the econgressmalaga account on Twitter 6th Malaga econgress To start. We’ll take a look at the mentions of the event’s profile on the birdie’s social network. We verified that on Saturday May 26 . Almost 2.000 tweets were published Brazil phone number econgressmalaga. Which were made by 361 different users. Analysis of the hashtags #econgress18 and #econgress Next. We will analyze the official etiquette of the event (#econgress18). In this way. We will be able to check the social conversation that was generated on

 Twitter On The Day Of Brazil Phone Number Fair

Tweet volume 6th Malaga econgress On Saturday. May 26. More than 4.100 tweets were published with the official hashtag by 501 users. Which had a potential reach of 2.16M and 25.7M impressions. 6th Malaga econgress Looking at the numbers of tweets per minute. We see that the “golden minute” occurred at 17:57 . Analyzing the report .  We observe that it is because Brazil phone number twitter profile published a large number of tweets and retweets at that precise moment. On the other hand. In terms of the number of tweets /hour. The interval in which the greatest activity was recorded was from 1:00 p.m.

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To 2:00 p.m.. With a number of 218 tweets /hour. Top 10 users with the most tweets With a total of 403 tweets + retweets . We find guadaberardelli in the top 1. Who added a large number of retweets during the day of the event. The econgressmalaga profile is in Brazil phone number position with 148 tweets + retweets . As for the rest. We find marketers and influencers from the sector. 6th Malaga econgress Top 10 users with more followers As for the Twitter profiles  with the most followers who posted with the official tag. We found the following ranking: 6th Malaga econgress Within this top.

We Find Profiles That Brazil Phone Number More

This social network. Including official profiles such as the “Málaga City Council” or “Vive Andalucía”. The hashtags of the VI econgress Malaga In addition to tweeting with the hashtag #econgress18 or #econgress. Users have also done so using others related to the topics Brazil phone number at the event. Such as #Personal Branding. #marketingdigital or #Málaga. The 6th edition of the largest Inbound Marketing event in Spanish in the world took place: Inbound Leaders 18. Inbound Cycle.

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