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This way you have an overview of all organic search terms per page. I recommend filtering within this overview the search terms that have generated at least one click on the website. This excludes most irrelevant ones. Then use this data to: Expand your Kenya Phone Number Google Ads campaign. Relevant search terms may not yet be in the campaign Create new ad groups. Are there certain pages that are not yet running an advertisement? Then this overview gives you an idea of ​​which organic search terms are currently ranking for this page. To review whether Google Ads campaign search terms land on the correct landing page. Additional tip With a vlookup it is possible to easily compare Ads data and organic.

We Should Start Using

Use this Excel/Google Sheets formula to see if the Google Ads and organic landing pages match at the keyword level. As discussed above, you can also view a predefined report to see organic and paid results. 3. Use Google Ads data to test search terms Are you unsure whether you want to implement certain organic optimizations? For example, because you cannot properly estimate whether this will actually deliver what you have in mind? Then test search terms with a Google Ads campaign. Create a separate campaign and let this test run until you have collected enough.

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Then select terms with the highest potential sales, click-through rate, conversion rate and use these for the organic optimizations. Keyword research for structure in your campaigns With extensive search term research you have a good idea of ​​which terms are used and how much is searched each month. By grouping these search terms on the basis of search intent, you gain insight into which search terms are used in different phases of the decision process. With this insight, you base a campaign structure based on data and intention. Search term research often brings up terms that you didn’t have in mind at all in the first place.

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