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Christmas is coming. I said it. I hate myself for saying it. You probably kinda hate me for saying it too, but I’m a big guy, and I can handle it.

As I go, I love Christmas. I really do. I have three children and it’s a great time to spend with them. However, I don’t like the immediate post-Halloween shift into Christmas overdrive, which means we have to live with the anticipation of one day for two months.

However, all the “hustle” aside, we marketers can’t just bury our heads in the snow – and to fail to plan is to plan to fail. We need to think and act now to ensure our digital marketing is on point and we thrive this holiday season.

Shopping: online, offline or both?

The worlds of digital and physical shopping collide. Germany Mobile Number Purchases can begin online and end in store. Or purchases can start in-store and end online.

Customers conduct digital searches, visit stores and even buy online. Even in the mad Christmas rush that sees malls packed to the rafters, these shoppers are all armed with an always-on digital assistant that makes searching quick and easy (the smartphone).

I’m probably a prime example. When it comes to gift shopping, I’m floundering, walking aimlessly through stores looking for a present for my wife. I give up, grab a coffee, and turn to Google. I research [Christmas gift ideas for her] and sift through the results, looking for inspiration as much as an exact gift.

In my research, I find that Debenhams has a whole section on ‘gifts for her’.

Customers today aren’t just stumbling around like zombies in a mall

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they’re using smartphones, search engines, and social media to make informed buying decisions.

Many physical stores, bars, pubs and restaurants pay little attention to their digital presence. Even those who were forward-thinking enough to claim their Google My Business listings are unlikely to update their opening hours to account for early openings or late closings around Christmas.

What happens when someone finds you, but Google reports that you are closed despite being open late at night? You just lost a sale. And that’s just the tip of the Christmas iceberg.

This article looks at 12 simple, actionable improvements you can make to ensure your store, restaurant, or bar activates its digital tractor beam and attracts real shoppers from the barking hordes this holiday season.

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