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Again a weekly compilation of my discoveries in terms of free web resources and services . On the menu of the day, a tag generator , Hewever, a social network dedicated to cinema or even a well thought -out translation site . Good discovery ! translation service. Sidewiki Translation Vodkaster Toolkit.You can translate the same Myanmar B2B List ​​without changing pages. The resources available to you are now available in three columns. The first brings together information and content :company blogs and Wikimétiers (collaborative job sheets). The second focuses on the tools. Hewever, the weather forecast for offers, the searches most used by recruiters and the most consulted offers. Sidewiki Translation Vodkaster Toolkit.

             Terms of Free Web Resources and Services

To offer an overview of the activity of the Cafés, however, several elements remain on the page: the blogs in the front page , the blog review and the Debate of the month Well seen. It allows you to leave comments on all web pages , but left by other Internet users. of course , to be seen in use if the activity is real.

sidiki Nice Sharing In a style similar to Sharita’s , Nice Sharing allows you to combine several URLs into one to better spread your watch or share your favorites. Always helpful. nice sharing BigolaYou have probably noticed that the Regions Job network sites got a makeover this weekend.

                          About Fifty Languages ​​are Available

Myanmar B2B List

New high-performance search engine, opening of a training space, redesign of the home page . Moreover version also concerns the community spaces. and the Cafés Here is an overview of the main changes . Regions Job Cafés The concept of Cafés has not changed: as well as provide you with additional and thematic information and  your job search.

The home pages of blog region have been simplified. To allow more interactivity and national and. Thematic exchanges (the content of a profession not being specific to a region). The emphasis was placed on. the national job blog platform, The search will therefore redirect you to this central place.

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