Skeptical Mouthful Looking at Social Media Marketing

I don’t think the internet is all interactive. If I’m right, this is a big divide for us in the internet marketing world. Let’s start from scratch. What do we mean by interaction? I know the web is your interaction, I know it’s interactive, mine. But for the vast majority of netizens – who don’t have blogs, who don’t have their own website – that’s probably another passive medium. And more and more passive. If this is a word. Before you start hyperventilating, let’s define the terms. What do we mean by interactivity? I propose the following definition: the ability to interact with the medium, not only the content of the medium. For example, TV. All the time you interact with the medium. You change the channel.

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Search is worrying because it doesn’t really fit our definition of interactivity. Search is only the most mechanical interaction. It’s really just a very clever kuka (sometimes) easy to give us quick access to the stack and . We do not contribute to content. one in two thousand The display is also worrying. It’s hard to imagine a medium that can be more Austria Phone Number List intrusive, wasteful, and less efficient than direct mail. but show it. The latest and best figures I can find show that the response (click-through) rate of display ads on the web is in the thousand of less than two years. It’s ridiculously small. It’s nearly 10 times smaller than direct mail. Remember, to interact with direct mail, you have to tear off

market to ourselves

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I believe in a wonderful example of marketing-worthy architecture and profitable social networking. But please don’t post anecdotal opinions related to the wonderful social networks that this or that company has built. For every success you post, I can post a hundred failures. Let’s make a thousand. I don’t care what talk advocates say, the average consumer simply doesn’t have the time or inclination to talk to marketers. Most of them, on the knife’s edge, didn’t talk to their husbands. Why in the world would they want to talk to us? You and I are web lovers. We spend more time on the road than we do looking at computer screens. We are abnormal. especially you. The biggest mistake any marketer can make is marketing himself, assuming his customers just like him.

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