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Why do we experience chips as fresher when they Senegal Phone Number come from a chip bag instead of a bowl? Why does chocolate milk taste better from an orange mug? How come we consider a stranger more friendly when we have a hot cup of tea in our hands? And why does Page’s dog make us experience Senegal Phone Number that toilet paper as softer? Each and every Senegal Phone Number one of these questions to which we find clear answers in psychology and neuroscience, under the heading of ‘sensory marketing’. The importance of the visual has been widely Senegal Phone Number recognized in the marketing world. Companies spend millions to make their brand and product look as visually appealing as possible.

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Your promotional  technique has to be tight, sending one Senegal Phone Number marketing e-mail a month isn’t adequate; you need an intermingled, ‘through the line’ communications technique which keeps the momentum of your brand. Direction and support- Individuals are the key to your business and internal marketing ought to be a top precedence for any marketing manager. Through research in psychology and neuromarketing, we understand Senegal Phone Number more and more how to use the senses as effectively as possible to influence behavior and brand perception. In Senegal Phone Number this article you will find a number of surprising practical examples

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Our senses play a vital role in our experience of the world Senegal Phone Number around us. Sensory marketing responds to this by stimulating different. Senses in relation to a brand, in order to conquer a better position in the mind of the consumer. That’s not such a bad idea, since our senses are directly connected to the Senegal Phone Number limbic part of our brain. This is the part that is responsible for emotions, memories and pleasure. And because we as humans make the majority of our choices unconsciously and often based on emotions, conveying emotions to the Senegal Phone Number  consumer is essential.

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