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93% of all online activity begins with an entry into a search engine. But if your website’s keywords aren’t where they need to be, you’ll fall in France WhatsApp Number List search engine rankings and users will find your competitor’s site before they find yours. Nobody wants that to happen. Before you jump into other SEO tactics like generating social backlinks, you need to master keyword research. To make sure your keyword research is efficient, up-to-date, and your website won’t be on a blocked list, we’ve created this article, giving you the ultimate keyword research checklist.

What You Need

According to a recent survey of over 350 marketers, almost everyone increases their SEO budget at least once a year. This means that as SEO research and industry profits increase, Google and other search engines are getting wiser to those who are just trying to game the system. This means that if you engage in keyword stuffing, essentially plagiarize content from another site, or have not entered your keywords exactly as they should be, your site will not be as ranked as well as it could. But finding the right keywords depends on the quality and frequency of research you do.

Keyword Research Checklist

France WhatsApp Number List
France WhatsApp Number List

Keyword Research Checklist: The Basics Step One: Get a spreadsheet. This will help you organize your keywords properly. Have cells for keywords, volume, competition, difficulty, and another cell for any internal notes you might want to leave yourself. Don’t forget to freeze your top row, so your spreadsheet header doesn’t count as data. Step Two: Start Brainstorming When creating your keyword research checklist, ask yourself, “What would I type into my search bar if I was looking for this content?” Think about possible sentences and word order. Decide in a sentence or sentence what your message is about. Next, Google your top phrases or keywords and see what shows up in Google’s suggestions.

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