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A user can click on the product image, descriptive text, or website link. Product Listing Ads vs. Showcase Shopping Ads Shopping Showcase Ads are not a replacement for current Shopping product ads, but an extension of current Shopping campaigns. Learn how to create a Showcase adhere. During the search, Google determines whether Showcase Colombia Phone Number Ads will be delivered or regular Product Ads. A product shopping and showcase shopping advertisement side by side. In addition, both Shopping formats show products within the ad. Apart from the formatting, the targeting of the ad sizes differs. Showcase Ads focuses on users who don’t know what they want.

Higher Level Of Knowledge

Product ads, on the other hand, are suitable for users who are already looking for something more specific. Showcase helps potential customers become acquainted with a brand, its product offerings and options within a broad search. In addition, Showcases are settled on the basis of cost per engagement (CPE) instead of cost per click CPC More on this laterĀ  Also read After Google, now also on Bing Shopping ads: this is how you get started What do you have to take into account? Showcase ads are therefore charged on the basis of CPE instead of CPC So you only pay when a user interacts with the ad. video player 00:02 00:14 Once the user clicks on a Showcase Ad and performs one of the following actions, it will be counted as an engagement: When a user watches the showcase ad for 10 seconds.


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When a user clicks on the product link and goes to the website. In other words, the first click on the Showcase ad is free. You only pay for your advertisement when the above actions have been performed. Unlike product ads where bids are set at the product group level, the Showcase ads bid is at the ad group level. Because the bids are set at the ad group level, it is recommended not to cram all products into one ad group. This way you give one offer for all products. Instead, group your ad groups based on similar products. This is especially interesting when the design of the creations is unique per product category.

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