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Also, they have round buttons and round pictures that make the page look clean and elegant. The round picture is something cool and unique from other rooftop sites. 13. Avatar Roof Avatar Roofing has a YouTube video on its Lithuania Phone Number homepage so potential customers can watch a quick clip and better understand who they are and what they offer. Many images on the homepage grab the viewer’s attention, which then turns their attention to the information next to the image. 14. Keep your roof dry Keeping Dry Roofs has a user-friendly navigation menu that shows potential clients all the things they can do.

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The site also features an informative blog that shows the latest information and shows that the company is a roofing specialist. A really nice google map showing all their locations. 15. Restoration of the roof Lithuania Phone Number construction This rooftop site is very simple with a lot of white space. The blue color scheme is used throughout the site and works great. Right below the introductory video, there is a contact form to fill out on the home page. Also, some comments are displayed at the bottom of the page. And social media links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 16. Advanced Roofing This site is very clean and attractive.

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Use different boxes to provide different information and services. In addition, customer testimonials can be found on the home pages of some of them. Everything is nice and organized, with lots of “read more” and “Lithuania Phone Number more” buttons for potential clients to contact for more information. 17. Synergy Synergy offers many different opportunities to reach them. They provide a form to schedule an inspection and a form to contact them. Also, their phone numbers can be found at the top and bottom of the page. And a link or two on the home page that takes you to the contact page.

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