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Javier has worked in the digital area of ​​companies from different sectors and all sizes: retail. Therefore, Textiles. Sports. Software or tourism. Among others. But always with a focus and a specialty. Online sales. Therefore, The conference ” Digital Marketing Strategies: The Evolution of the Marketing Mix ” will be France phone number by Miguel Ángel Trabado. Therefore, Head of Regional PPS Western Europe at Henkel.  Miguel is also a professor of digital marketing at various Business Schools. « Tell me I can’t and you’ll see how I can do it; Challenges 4.0 » by María Gómez del Pozuelo. CEO at Womenalia .

Who has 18 years of experience in launching projects and new lines of business in various American multinationals. Making large and profitable projects out of nothing. The popular Personal Brand and France phone number media consultant. And renowned Portuguese blogger . Claudio Inacio. Will give you the « Strategies to enhance a personal brand in social networks «. ” Advanced Blogging Techniques to take your blog to the next level ” will be taught by another well-known marketer: Miguel Florido.

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Web School  has 10 years of experience in the university and advertising environment. Jordi Urbea. CEO of ogilvyone and Ogilvy & Mather. Who has been in the Internet world since its inception. Therefore, Will give the conference ” Reinventing digital marketing “. He highlights his business France phone number and his commitment. From the beginning. To new technologies. Therefore, His path in the digital world began in 1995 at Servicom and two years later at Intercom. Mireia Prieto. Regional Manager Spain at Booking.com  . Will talk about ” Digital transformation in the tourism sector “. Do not miss everything that Mireia.

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Linked to the tourism sector since her professional beginnings. Has to tell about the changes that she has experienced and she continues to experience in the sector. « What to do if you suffer troll France phone number on social networks? «. The answer to this question will be answered by Keka Sánchez. Social Media Manager and consultant specializing in online reputation. Therefore, In addition to developing her professional activity as a Social Media Manager. Keka has been a blogger for more than 11 years. ”

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In electronic markets ” by Rafael Fuentes Candau. Therefore, Provincial Director of Commerce and ICEX in Malaga. Rafael has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the University of Malaga and has been a member of the Higher Corps of Commercial Technicians and State France phone number since 1999. ” Analytics in social networks as an element of attraction “: conference given by Javier Ábrego. CEO and Founder of Tweet Binder. Therefore, Throughout his professional career. Javier has worked closely with the world of the Internet. « Optimizing growth from the showcase to the KPI.

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