Spectral, Google’s first responsive font

Fonts, like everything else in web design, must constantly adapt to changes and new supports. Google fonts, google’s typographic library houses thousands of fonts freely. Accessible to any user, has just made history, launching its first parametric typography, which. Adapts to all types of texts. Whether it’s headlines or longer body copy, spectral has an ideal weight for every situation. Spectral, google’s first responsive font 1 the typeface, designed by production. Type, is a serif that aims to break with the idea that sansserif fonts are the only ones adaptable to any type of text. The fourteen weights available in google fonts make spectral the ideal typeface for collaborative projects or those that have been designed to be displayed on screens or devices with different resolutions.


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Spectral, the first responsive typography of jewelry retouch service google 3 prototypo , a font customization platform, for its part, has been in charge of making spectral a parametric typeface, which means that its characteristics are easily manipulated thanks to the automation of typographic design processes, allowing designers to create completely custom variations. Spectral can be downloaded for free at google fonts . In order to play with its parameters, however, it is necessary to visit the prototypo website. Finding space on the streets of san francisco is no easy task for startups who have to deal with exorbitant real estate prices. Thus, many companies have chosen to take the plunge and cross the bay to reach oakland , where the artistic scene is becoming more and more present and where the hightech sector is asserting itself a little more every day.

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Since last august, 99designs is now one CNB Directory of these companies. And to celebrate this move, which reflects the strong growth of our company, we wanted to visually convey this wind of change. Launching a poster competition with our community to decorate the premises. We received quite exceptional results and we would like to share our favorites with you. Interesting content and wellbuilt navigation are real assets for any website. But to establish a connection with visitors – and even more so to keep them. Voming back – your site design or web design must be beautiful and impactful. When all of these elements come together, the results dramatic and profitable. In this article, we will see how the relevance of. Your design can breathe new life into your content, through several examples.

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