Spock Guide to Effective Blogging

One of the most enduring characters of Spock is Mr. Spock, the prominent logical semi-Vulcan co-pilot in the original series. Spock’s controlled, dashing demeanor has earned him a legion of fans, including millions of women who want pon far from his pointy ears. When I sit down to write and need to plan your blog rationally and logically, what better model might I have discovered? Of course, blogging is a personal, emotional building. But if your blog doesn’t perform the way you want it to, try using a little Vulcan logic to move it in the right direction. Use logic to define your goals Blogging takes a significant amount of time and effort. So

Use Logic to Develop Action Plans

You might want to reconsider posting your image of your spectacularly disorganized desk. On the other hand, a few posts about your hobbies or your family life could be a very logical addition, and they help potential clients feel that they already know and like you. What is your sidebar thinking about adding Feedburner stats? Wait until there is a logical reason to do so, when your user base is large enough to provide social proof that your blog is worth Saudi Arabia phone number list reading. By looking at your categories. Is there a logical connection between what are your goals in writing your blog? Your blogging tactics (how often you post, what is your tone and style, what writing tec

Measure Your Progress With Logic

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If your goal is to sell information products and you’re doing two $29 sales a month, your tactics aren’t getting effective yet. Hard analysis looking at your results will help you determine how to improve. You may need more traffic , you may need to improve your authority and credibility, or you may need to improve your conversions with better sales skills. Of course, Copy blogger is the logical resource to help you with any of these. Create engaging content with emotion Mr. Spock, as every fan knows, half-man. The show’s writers have racked their brains to put him in an embarrassingly illogical position at every possible opportunity. The combination of emotion and logic makes for more interesting characters to watch.

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