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With all the chatter about the debut weekend of Google Plus , you’d think this article is about the newest and brightest social network from the search giant. But for now, we’re going to let technology types and early adopters play with Google Plus, go ahead and make sure your business is seeing the people out there . We’re talking about 700 million people – that’s the estimated number of Facebook accounts. With these numbers, even Copyblogger couldn’t resist creating a Facebook page . You’ve probably avoided Facebook, due to lack of privacy, lack of time, or cluttered overflow (all valid reasons). But it still pays to take advantage. The obvious point that Facebook has gone for it is numbers . Facebook has surpassed Google as the most visited website in the world. People spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook, at least a little bit that isn’t Farmville at the time.

Facebook Can Help You Establish

Brand Facebook helps your brand. The more places you’ve seen your consistent brand message on the web, the more remembered it will be. The playing field has been razed to the ground. The little ones can now look big. Have a professional logo ┬ádo or professional headshots if you are branding yourself . About your Facebook page can be added to Oman Phone Number List your brand philosophy. Even links to other sites that you choose to share will help your own branding. Be mindful of where you send your audience. 4. Visibility With some recent changes to Facebook pages, you can now use other pages as your page and comment on posts

The Ability to Share

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So, if you publish high-quality content from your Facebook page on your website, your community will provide you with valuable digital word-of-mouth advertising. Some people worry about where to get all this good content to share. Pull from other bloggers, google alerts in your niche, and mix it with your own content. It’s not even directly related to your business. For a whole bunch of tips on how to get the most out of Facebook, see my Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing . Are there any more (or better) reasons to hop on Facebook now? Let us in their opinion. About the author : Did I convince you? Are you ready to drink Kool Aid? If so, I have plenty of handy tutorials on how to get started and how to effectively use Facebook

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