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Here’s a roundup of job blogging activity in the East over the past few weeks. Michel announces excellent news. He found a job thanks to his blog less than 5 kilometers from his home and in just a few weeks! Sophie has had a few Austria Business Fax List misadventures with the Pole employ. Let’s hope it works out! Pascale narrowly missed out on a place which she was very interested in.

Three interviews have all the same been passed, they result. Relationships have always been one of the best ways to find a job. Hence the importance of maintaining good relations with former employers, as Eric explains. Lionel has also just started in a new company for what promises to be a new challenge. Eric is back after 6 months of absence, welcome! Sandra presents some of her creations which are very successful. David does the same.

Michel Announces Excellent News

He just started a CDD this way. Holger discusses eco-constructions and the new materials used. An ecological sector of the future! Benjamin also talks to us about sustainable development. He discusses what marked him when he wrote his memoir on the subject. Attention, Philippe reminds that analog television will soon close its doors in Alsace. Make way! Jean-Daniel invites us to have a tea while reading his column on the collective Loop. This jazz concert was obviously not to be missed! Do you know eco-design? Denis takes stock of this practice.

Holger Discusses Eco-constructions and the New Materials Used

Austria Business Fax List

We will therefore witness either an etymological change in the word blogosphere , which will become a way of illustrating communities in the broad sense on several media, or the appearance of another more general term. Unless the blogosphere is restructured and reborn from its ashes? an activity on the web to better manage your digital identity and your information gathering is more relevant than ever.

The means have evolved, the end remains the same. To your tools! you will be able to continue to exchange, to pass on your information, to find it and to develop your network .. Publishing content necessarily remains a priority (and the basis of the added value provided) but advertising biases have multiplied. It is simply time to change the analysis criteria.

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