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I can already notice from events that I organize in other European countries and the United States that we are doing really well in the Netherlands with regard to the measures. Worldwide, 39% of event planners indicate that a vaccination is mandatory Greece Phone Number before attending the events. Tests and antibodies don’t count. Try doing that in the Netherlands. In addition to the standard points of attention, such as an extensive hygiene protocol, disinfection stations, contactless infrastructure and the corona access app, in my view it certainly deserves attention to always have a plan B available. For speakers, visitors, partners and all other crucial parts of the event.

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Purely to reduce organizational stress and to ensure that the event actually takes place under all circumstances. Lately I’ve seen speakers who got sick and were not allowed to travel and due to a local corona outbreak suddenly a physical event with a no-show of 75%. Customer contact costs a lot of money. Within many companies it is customary to regard customer contact as a cost item, and to focus a lot on reducing costs. Do you focus on costs? Then they will drop. What happens when you broaden your horizons and invest some of your time and effort in the enormous potential of value you can add with customer contact? That’s right, the added value of customer contact increases enormously.


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And the great thing is: often innovations for cost reduction and efficiency. Can be applied effectively to provide additional added value. Once you get this done, you can make a huge impact within your organization. Before entering the world of customer contact, I worked on the commercial side for many years. In the marketing and sales teams. From this perspective, customer contact offers enormous potential to achieve good customer service and to exploit commercial opportunities. This is where my passion lies. Once working in customer contact. I notice how much attention is paid to the cost component in practice. Time for a plea to bring this more into balance and to have an eye for value maximization.

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