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That’s according to Sitecore’s research into how consumers and marketers are preparing for the holiday season. My colleague Sanne Bekkema already shared the most important findings from that research in her article. But the same survey also found that at that time, half of the marketers were not yet well prepared for the holidays. The countdown has now Australia Phone Number really started and the first important day in the run-up to the holidays is in sight: on November 26, 2021 it will be Black Friday! Although a holiday, as Evjatar Werker says, it is better to speak of Black Friday month . Determine the start date of your Black Friday deals 3 tips to prepare your webshop for Black Friday month 5 promising tips & tricks for your social media advertising 4 practical tips to connect with your existing campaigns.

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inspiration for last-minute marketing strategies Determine the start date of your Black Friday deals The big question is: when in that Black Friday month do you start discounting your products? According to Demi Kloosterman and Brent Maclaine Pont, Black Friday is not the best time, but a week earlier. How about that? In America, Black Friday is the end of Thanksgiving. In the Netherlands, Black Friday itself is more the holiday that consumers look forward to. If I compare it to gingerbread cookies and Christmas wreaths, I also know that I buy and eat them sooner than just on the holiday itself. And so promotions are increasingly announced earlier to prepare consumers or take advantage of the exploratory pha.

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So that potential buyers have time to find the best offer. According to Kloosterman and Maclaine Pont, announcing your deals one week before Black Friday has 4 advantages: The purchase intention is already very high in the orientation phase, so that you reach a larger group of potential buyers. By starting to promote your deals earlier, you get more out of your marketing budget. You can retarget potential buyers on, for example, Facebook, Google and Instagram. Those who have a large assortment can offer a different deal every day and thus remain relevant throughout the week. Knowing more? Read the full article on how to determine the start date of your Black Friday deals .

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