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After physical needs such as sleep and food, the second step quickly follows what my son was referring to: safety. That safety (sleeping peacefully without fear of vampires or zombies) was more important to him than proving that he is not afraid. That need only reaches the higher rungs of Maslow’s pyramid, if your safety has already been guaranteed. And that’s how USA Phone Number Maslow from 1943 still beat Donald Duck from 2021. At least, at our house. There will undoubtedly be a lot of children who enjoy the horror stories and therefore happily settle the special. And why do we like that creep so much? The Fear Then Relief Effect is the answer to that. Also read: Fortnite’s smart marketing strategy More influencing techniques.

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After I was on edge with this edition, I was curious if the makers of Donald Duck use even more influencing techniques. I flipped through old Duckies and let’s be honest, the ads are super good when it comes to applying marketing psychology. There are hardly any advertisements in the magazine at all. Little conscious influence here. But after browsing through older editions for a while, I found two more examples of marketing psychology. Social proof When we talk about marketing psychology, the name Robert Cialdini quickly comes into play. For those who don’t know him yet: Cialdini is an American former professor of psychology. He combines psychology with his knowledge of marketing.

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He became known for his 7 principles of influence, of which social proof . Social proof is proof that others make the same choices as you. If everyone does it, it must be good. social proof in donald duck In this advertisement you see a text in italics on the left that resembles a review: one of the best-known applications of social proof. When we see that others also bought this product, we are more likely to be convinced to do the same. In this case, it’s not even an actual review, but most parents won’t even notice the lack of a name. The seed has already been planted. Savings program We are crazy about saving, the necessary studies have also been done in the past.

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