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Future For the long term, we have developed a vision in which we want to route every customer to the most suitable channel and the best suitable customer expert. In concrete terms: together with marketing, we are constantly looking for opportunities to India Phone Number better match our services to the needs of each specific customer. If we apply our method of smart routing to this, we can have the most suitable customer expert enter into a conversation with the customer. You will benefit on several fronts at the same time: the multiplier effect.

Your Own Company Organization

With which we wanted to investigate whether and how these insights can help Eneco to improve further. In this pilot we investigated 3 cases: Quality Monitoring quality of service. Quiet time cost savings Cross and upsell (value maximization) At the start, it was decided to immediately investigate whether, in addition to saving costs, more value could also be obtained from conversations. We immediately opted for value maximization. Speech analytics to improve sales results A total of 5,000 customer conversations were analysed. With the main question. What actionable insights does Speech Analytics provide us with to increase the offer and the conversion on Ketel Comfort.


Own Company Organization

The analysis yielded interesting and very factual information and insights when it comes to effectiveness. The number of attempts. Insight into the % of calls where we could have offered Ketel Comfort compared to the actual number of attempts. Understanding the number of successful attempts: The best-selling agent is not necessarily the best converting agent. Understanding the Best (and Least) Selling Points: The most frequently mentioned arguments are not the best converting selling points. With the insights from the speech analytics, we were able to make very targeted improvements within Customer Care. For example by coaching at an individual level and by sharpening training courses.

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