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Next, go to predefined report The only condition is that the Google Search Console account must be linked. Unfortunately, this data does not show conversion values ​​from advertising campaigns by default. You can gain more insight into results by Kazakhstan Phone Number following the steps below: Start by running a Google Ads report and include the conversion rate, revenue, number of conversions and average CPC at the keyword level. Make sure you only print out exact keywords over at least a period of three months (depending on the amount of data). Sort the search terms based on revenue.

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Map the current organic clicks, impressions, position and monthly search volume of these Google Ads search terms. Then group search terms. Create groups that have the same intent and should rank for the same organic page. Prioritize the organic optimization based on volume, current position and potency. Prioritize organic pages that are already getting a fair amount of traffic, but still have room for organic growth. Also check whether there is already a correct landing page for these groups. Another useful way to prioritize optimizations is to create a separate segment for organic traffic and Google Ads traffic in Google Analytics. This provides insight into the revenue per channel at the page level.Kazakhstan Phone Number

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Is advertising revenue above average and organic revenue lagging behind? Then it is extra interesting to improve the organic findability of this page. Also read: 3 unorthodox methods to grow your Google Ads account 2. Extend campaign with Google Search Console data With Google Search Console it is possible to see through which organic search terms users have arrived on the website. So you can see per page which terms have been used by visitors. With these large numbers, there are usually very valuable words that you can use to expand your Ads campaign. With Search Analytics for Sheets you make a printout of all organic search terms per page of the website.

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