The 25 most expensive domains in the world and how much they cost

On June 18, 2019, it was announc that the Voice domain was sold for $30 million. “The most expensive public domain of all time,” said Ron Jackson at DNJournal.Similarly, Elliot Silver of DomainInvesting called the purchase of Voice”the biggest domain sale of all time.”

Have you ever heard of those people who always find the best bargains at a flea market or even on sale? The same thing happen to joseph kleitsch, who bought a work of art for about 100 dollars. That was later valued at 500 thousand. Surely it happens to you like me and right now . You are asking yourself, “why can’t this happen to me? Although I don’t usually spend a minute looking . At paintings or works of art, I do spend a minute looking at the domain market. And let me tell you one thing, after seeing the most expensive domain names in the world, there are people who really became millionaires.

Most people think of the price

Of a domain generally as around 15 euros, but it is very common for many names to be sold for much higher amounts.

The average price Jordan Phone Number of a domain sold on the secondary market (ie buying a domain from someone who already has it registered) is in the thousands of euros.
It is not uncommon to see every week domain sales that reach tens or hundreds of thousands of euros, sometimes we can even be talking about millions. For example, in 2018 the Ice domain was sold for $3.5 million.

It is not always easy to have this information, as it is quite common for both parties (seller and buyer) to . Prefer to keep this information private. Why? Mainly to keep the competition away from this sale, but also so they don’t know how much they would be . Willing to pay for another domain in the future.

Jordan Phone Number

In fact it is quite common

For the vast majority of these premium domain sales or purchases to be cover by a non-disclosure agreement. But since this is not always the case, we can get an idea of ​​the state of health. Of the domain market over the last few years.

Do we then see the most expensive domains in the world? Here I leave you an infographic with the top 10 of the most . Expensive and strange that have byou the 25 most valuable.Now that you’ve seen what a domain is for . And how much it can be worth, I bet right now you’re wondering how much yours is worth. You can take a look at the namebio website to see what other . Domains similar to yours have been sold; depending on the keywords that include. Your name, the extension, the use of hyphens or numbers, etc. You can also check out godaddy’s domain Valuation tool to get an idea of ​​your domain’s secondary market value.


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