The 6 Keys to Creating an Exit Intent Popup That Converts

The best marketers know how to create tasteful. Targeted, and genuinely helpful exit intent popups. That capture a user’s interest the moment they leave the site. That said, great exit Malaysia B2B List intent popups have been shown time and time again to help businesses of all kinds massively increase their conversion rates. But how do you create high-converting exit intent popups? The 6 Keys to Creating an Exit Intent Popup That Converts.

Read on to find out everything you need to know to make one yourself. What exactly is an exit popup? Often, you will direct your visitors to a page via paid advertisements or SEO. You’ve created a great one-page content strategy, but at some point, you’ll lose your reader. Exit popups monitor a user’s mouse behavior and trigger exactly.

What Exactly Is an Exit Popup?

When a visitor scrolls to the corner of a page to exit the window, navigate to another page, or return to their previous page. By creating a relevant lead capture popup for your visitors, you can maintain that you are presenting the right offer to the right visitor at the right time. Below are 6 elements that make for a great popup, and over 15 examples that you can use as inspiration for your eCommerce platform. How to create a good exit popup Focus on the CTA.

All the bells and whistles of an exit intent popup mean nothing if the user does nothing. Your CTA should be clear and compelling. Usually this means offering a free service, a discount, a free download, or access to some sort of exclusive upgrade. If you know you get higher conversions when you offer coupons, focus on that offer.

How to Create a Good Exit Popup

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Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, like how the e-commerce site, Revolve, makes it clear that you’ll immediately have the option to save money when you click the button. This image from Revolve is an example of an exit intent popup that converts It’s even better if you can personalize the on-page offer, making the CTA relevant to the user’s intent.

For example, Pique Tea, in an article on gut health, has a handy cheat sheet available for download. This email from The Flow shows a gray area Grubhub also does a great job of being bold and precise. They add a cool touch by offering a not-so-often-used number as a discount: $12 off. It’s catchy because it’s unusual.

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