The Answer Is Of Course Safe Way

No app has been under a magnifying glass like CoronaCheck in recent months. You know, the app that makes sure we can visit events again. Or catch the plane. Thanks to a magical QR code. To receive such a QR code, you must first be vaccinated, have a Poland Phone Number negative test result or be able to prove that you have had corona before. In this way, the Dutch get a little bit of freedom back. Yet for many it does not feel that way. Because why do you suddenly need an app with a QR code for a bit of freedom that has always been obvious? This is how the sentiment around CoronaCheck arose that no one actually wants to use the app. QR code CoronaCheck I bent over the UX copy for CoronaCheck.

Is Of Course Safe Way

My colleague Tobias van Geijn previously did the same for CoronaMelder, that other app from the government. In both projects we experienced how UX writing can contribute to a more positive feeling around the app. In this article I share our key insights. UX writing: microcopy, macro impact So it’s writing for an app that is urgently needed, but that nobody really wants to use. Together with the design team, we had to ensure a flawless user experience (the UX, or the user experience). We call this UX writing. But what exactly is that? Well, UX writing is about writing for a digital experience. You examine all the words and sentences that make actions in an app clear and easy.


Course Safe Way

The text should be concise and ensure that the user is smoothly guided from A to B. Also read: The making of CoronaMelder: an app for the whole of the Netherlands Crisp lyrics with a touch of personality To really bring UX writing to life, from Mr Koreander we always let the brand personality resound. In other words: the voice of your brand that ensures that everything you say also fits who you are as a brand. Down to the fine print. The government apps lack a distinct brand personality. This is because the target group is very broad, so the texts must appeal to everyone. That makes it difficult. But this does not mean that the texts have to become dull and dry. On the contrary! You can still write humanly.

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