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That wish has only increased in today’s one-and-a-half meter society. Who does not honor the small Several studies have been conducted into the changing buying behavior within B2B. The consensus is that more than 90% of purchases are oriented online. And that process starts in 70% of the cases you may have guessed it – with a generic search in Google! Before a B2B organization Luxembourg Phone Number has identified the solution to a specific problem, knowledge is often sought. We call this phase-out of market. The website visitor makes himself/herself acquainted with a topic, but is not yet looking for a solution, supplier or purchase. In fact, the problem may not even be known.

Will Be Automatically Updated

Also read B2B organization, this is how you start with website personalization step-by-step plan] Even at this early stage of the customer journey, you can already grab the attention of your potential lead. With SEO-optimized content (for example with a blog or knowledge base on your own website) the first introduction to the potential lead can be made. And with that the first chance to present yourself as an authority within your market. As you can imagine, you will therefore have to research your target groups to find out for which problems and issues your services and products can be used.


But The First Small Step

Taking the first step in the customer journey When someone interacts with your content for the first time, you shouldn’t expect to have a lead in your pocket right away. But the first small step in the customer journey has been taken. The right question then is: what is the next step a potential lead would like to take? In other words: what information does he or she need? So there are opportunities for B2B companies to be visible in this initial orientation process. But how do you ensure that your online channels distinguish themselves from those of the competition.

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