The Cheapest Way to Start an Oman Phone Number Ecommerce Store (Oct 2022)

You’ve seen (or heard of) entrepreneurs on Oman Phone Number shark tank. Half of them walked in front of the sharks and talked about the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars they spent on their startup. Only if they needed more money from billionaire investors to keep their dreams alive. It can give you a dull feeling knowing that you will never be able to amass that type of money or have collateral to back that kind of loan from an investor or bank. But do you even need all of these to start a business ? I mean. Maybe it’s possible to successfully launch an online business – e.G. An e-commerce store – with no (or very little) start-up capital? While your expenses may increase as your sales increase. I want to remind you that many of these entrepreneurs start off with a simple e-commerce site . Scale up with a small capital and make money to pay for upgrades. But now. You need the cheapest way to start an ecommerce website. You can’t even start selling with a little money in your pocket.



Themes and extensions

So we wanted to show you some ways to Oman Phone Number keep it in your pocket anytime to invest in other aspects of your business. Read on to start saving! Method 1: wordpress WordPress – cheapest way to launch an ecommerce store WordPress.Org has been the preferred solution for 27% of all website owners on the web. Or. To put it another way. More than a quarter of websites run on the wordpress platform. Luckily for all of us. WordPress is also perfectly capable of running an e-commerce site. Not only that. But in fact over 42% of all e-commerce websites (the latest 2016 figures show) run on wordpress. The benefits of going this route and launching your store on wordpress are really tempting: WordPress itself is a free and open source platform. This means that you not only get it for free. But you can also adjust its inner workings to suit your needs 100%. The best wordpress ecommerce tool – the ecommerce plugin is called woocommerce – is also free and open source.


Oman Phone Number
Oman Phone Number

What is the cost?

But it’s actually a fairly simple thing. All you need to do is sign up with one of the popular hosting providers and give them some basic contact/business information about your website. For the specific hosting provider we can recommend. Siteground is one of the top rated and most optimized solutions for wordpress on the market. Multiple customer reviews and hosting survey results confirm their high quality. The best news. Like I mentioned above. You can get a wordpress-ready hosting plan for just $4 per month. Just click here . During the registration process. You can know that siteground creates a blank wordpress website for you. They’ll do it for you for free. So you don’t need to get your hands dirty with the technical setup. Another element of your ecommerce setup is woocommerce – a free wordpress plugin that will give you all the online store functionality you need. It installs the plugin like any other wordpress and there are no costs associated with getting it.

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