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The  international digital transformation fair  that brings together more than  18.000  high-level professionals (ceos. Directors. Etc.).  160 exhibitors. 230 speakers and investors  in all the UK phone number sectors called (pharmaceutical. Automotive. Restaurant and retail among others). In addition. They had more than 300 exhibiting firms presenting more than 400 innovations . Adding 450 international speakers from all industries. From retail to banking or pharma.

Through automotive or telco. Among many others. The Digital Enterprise Show Twitter profile (DES_show) has 5.400 followers and a total of 8.200 tweets have been published since it joined the UK phone number in 2015. Seeing the impact that the official DES 2018 hashtag (#DES2018) has had ). At Cool Tabs we did not miss the opportunity to attend the event. And also. To analyze the conversation generated in the little bird’s social network.

We Had Uk Phone Number Opportunity

To offer a talk on The future of data collection campaigns . Next. We are going to show you some relevant monitoring data. Index [ hide ] Mentions to the show account on Twitter Analysis of the hashtag #DES2018 Tweet volume Top 10 users with the most tweets DES 2018 hashtags UK phone number used words #DES2018 Trending Topic Engagement Type of tweets Mentions to the show account on Twitter First. Let’s take a look at the event profile mentions on Twitter . We verified that during the days of May 22. 23 and 24. 3.750 tweets were published mentioning the show account.

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Which were made by almost 1.400 different users. DES 2018 It should be noted that May 22 was the day on which the most mentions were made to the DES account. With more than 1.500 UK phone number from 666 users. A potential reach of 4.7M and a number of impressions of 48.3M. The first day of the event would be the most active on social networks. Mentions to the show account on May 22 Analysis of the hashtag #DES2018 Next.

We’ll Take A Uk Phone Number At

The official DES 2018 tag (#DES2018). In this way. We can check the impact it has had on Twitter   and see what type of content is or. Tweet volume DES 2018 A total of 11.700 tweets were with the official hashtag by 3.600 users. Which had a reach of 19.2M UK phone number a total of 155M impressions. Amazing ! DES 2018 Looking at the numbers of tweets per hour. We see that the “golden minute” occurred during the first day of the event. On May 22 at 11:32. The number of 16 tweets / minute was.

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