The earliest engineers who tried to improve color digital images adopted

The earliest engineers who tried to improve color digital images adopted the old method a hundred years ago. The three primary color data of the image were collected three times, and finally the sampled signals integrated and edited computer. It’s true that color digital images produced. but engineers also encountered the same problems that photographers encountered a century ago. Many supplies and too long.

Furthermore, at that time, film photography already had color negatives.World’s first Polaroid, the series developed for Polaroid, successfully entered the global photography market, and six The global mass market in the 1900s was about film photography rather than how to produce digital images.

Digital imaging has indeed rewritten

The meaning of images to people, but such South Africa Phone Number cutting-edge technology could only be carried out in the laboratory at the time, and it was not until the mid-1970s that there was a new wave of innovation. Bayer filter is a color image sensor array” consisting of alternating photometric and chromatic detection elements. presented in a repeating pattern, with photometric detection elements dominating the array.

Unlike previous photosensitive modules, Bayer filters have twice as many green elements distributed in the array. Mimic the photosensitive pattern of the human eye in order to provide. The sharpest full-color image. More importantly, the Bayer array breaks the previous imaging process. That requires batch processing. Distribution of red, blue and green processed on the array at one time, and the light source is converted into a visual signal and then superimposed at one time.

Shorten the processing steps

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The world see through this filter appear  covered in green cellophane. Therefore, the rays need to edited after passing through the Bayer array. The engineer will put the sampled raw data logical calculation. The collected three primary colors It evenly distributed on the red, blue and green matrix. reconcile the excess green in the digital image.

Bayer proposed the model and the Bayer array has always influenced the subsequent image processing technology. In many contemporary image processing software, digital photography photosensitive elements and even displays extended to LCD screens. Found RGB models in their designs. Traces of a Bayer array.

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