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There are streamers with millions of followers, such as Ninja (no longer on Twitch but on Mixer), Tfue (over 7 million followers!), shroud, and TSM | myth. Most streamers play first shooter games, Fortnite or FIFA. Millions of followers who open the streams daily and watch their favorite gamer. What can you, as a website owner, learn from these professional gamers? 1. Timing is of utmost importance Streamers respond to developments in the Benin Phone Number game and daily life. Will there be a new promotion on FIFA? Then a streamer immediately opens the stream to get started. Many streamers stream during the day as this is the point where many people usually watch; after all, most young people cannot play during the day. Timing is also important for any website.

This Kind Of Deeper Content

Respond to developments such as weather forecasts, trends in purchasing behavior or changes in consumer demand. You can think of adding vacuum cleaner bags for a new model of vacuum cleaner, promoting swimming pools when hot summer days are forecast or expanding the range of vegetarian meals when the news is that more and more people are avoiding meat. 2. Attractive content is the only way to attract people The success of the larger streamers has ensured that many people have set up their own stream. However, most gamers fail because they don’t create compelling content. The content must appeal, it must be interesting and the streamer must not appear too shy, because the viewers.


Of Deeper Content

And rightly so, after all, you want to see something. As a website owner, this is a lesson most business owners already know. The content on your website and in your promotions must be appealing. It should stimulate the visitor to be successful and it should be in the vein of the target group. A Fortnite streamer with millions of followers cannot suddenly start playing FIFA. And as a baby specialty store you cannot put barbecues on the website. So think carefully about the content choices you make. Also read: Advertising on YouTube: the numbers in a row 3. Interact with other streamers for wider reach Virtually all major streamers have collaborated with others at one or more times.

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