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On October 19 this year, the Legislative Yuan passed an interim proposal put forward by legislator Ye Yulan and other members, requiring the Ministry of Communications to announce the opening of the road sections for heavy and heavy locomotives within three months . The content of the proposal mentioned that as early as in 2007, the third reading of the ”

Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations

Article 92, clearly stipulated Slovenia Phone Number that large heavy locomotives and above are. Allowed to drive on national highways. Only thesection of the national highway has been opened, and the rest have not been opened. In fact, heavy machinery suffers from stigma in Taiwan, with common stereotypes such as racing cars. Drilling cracks, and noise pollution caused by engine noise. But when we put aside our preconceptions and think, in fact, we can see similar situations in ordinary passenger cars.

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Queue jumping, and engine noise pollution are also emerging one after another. However, since the number of heavy machines in Taiwan is far less than that of cars. Who are accustomed to car violations, cannot view the violation of heavy machines from the same perspective. When there is a “black sheep”, it is easy to magnify the violation of the heavy machine, and the negative image will expand like a ripple.

After delaying again and again, what consideration does the government have for opening the right-of-way of the Juji Expressway? In view of the stereotype of heavy locomotives, the Legislative Court approved some amendments to the “Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations”

In the third reading in 2011, allowing conditional opening of highways for large and heavy locomotives over 550cc, and in the accompanying resolution suggested that the Ministry of Communications should  National Highway No. 8 and National Highway No. 3 Xinhua take the south section of the road as the priority to open the trial road section, but in the end, there is no progress in opening the right of way for heavy machinery.

The government’s consideration is to make decisions in line with public opinion, and to protect. Thef large heavy planes on national highways, and less than 10% were in favor of full opening. This has caused the government to retreat. The ruling parties, which prioritize public opinion and re-election goals, have to face this issue carefully.

not mature enough, and the mixed driving situation may cause frequent confusion and accidents. Which cannot guarantee the safety of passers-by. arrow_forward_iosunderstand more Powered by GliaStudio Beginners and large heavy locomotive riders suggest to go to Xibin first Photo Credit:

WebMD Having said that.  The volume and displacement of heavy machines are smaller than those of automobiles,

Which can not only maximize road use and relieve the traffic jam caused by one-person vehicles, but also reduce carbon emissions and maintain environmental protection.

For them who pay the same amount of tax as the passenger car, but have been unable to enjoy the same rights. It is really helpless and powerless.

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