The Objective Is to Position the Home Page and Transmit Authority

Web architecture as we have said before. So, the structure and architecture of the website are a fundamental aspect of optimization. The main objective is that both the search engine and the user obtain the information. They, want in the shortest possible time and clicks. For this, an organized structure is essential. Depending on the Belgium Phone Number List layout and direction of navigation. There, are different types of web architecture:-vertical architecture: in this type of pages, a link is made from top to bottom. That, is, following a vertical distribution. It is only recommended to use this type of navigation for very small websites. Since, it takes a lot for google to reach the deeper pages. The Objective Is to Position the Home Page and Transmit Authority.

Also, You Should Keep

In mind that the authority will only be transmitted to the first-level pages. Flat architecture in a flat architecture, the authority or pagerank is distributed among the different levels. Horizontally, or vertically, and as we go down the level, the authority decreases, so it is essential to analyze which is the most optimal structure. Google recommends not including more than 4 levels. So, the goal is to reduce clicks to a maximum of 3. Leaving, a structure like home category product. Silo architecture the structure in a silo is one of the most used and we could define. It, as a mix between the previous two. This type of architecture follows a hierarchical structure. Making, it easier for search engines to access all the pages of our website. In this sense, we start from the main categories, and from each of them we will only link.

Once the Most Suitable Architecture for Our Ecommerce Has Been Define


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It, is important to keep in mind that you should never send links from one category to another. Custom architecture: this type of structure is very useful for online stores , starting from the main categories or those that we consider most important. It is a kind of flat architecture and in silo at the same time. In this case, on our needs based on the semantics of each page. It works very well when you want to give greater visibility to specific seasonal categories or products that you need to promote. chaotic architecture: this architecture is the worst of all, it do not follow any type of order or structure, everything is link to everything. The problem is that google do not understan how the page is structure and this affects the index. Once the most suitable architecture for our ecommerce has been define.

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