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What if I forget someone? By creating contact groups you can select the entire group at once. Useful! To do this, go from Gmail to Contacts (top right under Google apps) and select the people for your group under Contacts or Regular contacts. Then click on the label icon at the top and ‘Create label’. Screenshot create contact group label Give your group a convenient name. You can now use this name to select the group as the recipient of your email. I also find this feature a real godsend for private e-mails to my family (an invitation or moving message) or an e-mail to my 21-member hockey team. Screenshot contact group Choose editor in new email Hopefully these Gmail tips have been helpful.

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I am curious which tips you will apply (or already apply). Do you have another useful addition to this list? Let me know in the comments! Every bit helps In addition to these handy tips and tricks, would you like to learn more about working faster (and smarter) digitally? Then this handy refresher course might be for you. Within 45 minutes you will know how to Pakistan Phone Number create more overview and structure in your working day, so that you start and end your day a lot more relaxed. Curious? View the online course Social media has changed faster than ever in the past 2 years. If you were just used to the shift from your Insta feed to Instagram Stories, Reels came into play again.

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And if you just discovered how TikTok works, we are already being dragged into the world of AR. The latest trends and applications of social media were discussed during the SocialToday Event. Anything and everything all of the time! New on Frankwatching The future of social media is open and decentralized like this New social app BeReal is growing explosively: this is how it works sat 10 tips & 10 tools for organizing communication work fri Intertoys’ strategy: TikTok, kidfluencers & focus in communication do As a marketer, you need to know this about the customer data model do Kirsten Jassies opened her trend session with this sentence .

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