The Principle Of Security By Design

If you word things too simply, it loses meaning. Don’t say it too simply. Here and there we link from the app to a URL with more information. The reference text should not be a URL. That is not accessible. But also not ‘Read more here’, for example. The text should be primarily descriptive. Text such as ‘You will find…’ on the Signpost is much more user-friendly. Keep testing Singapore Phone Number until you weigh an ounce Vaccinate and test. That is the government’s motto to get out of the corona crisis. Testing is also the motto to create support for the app. Because: you can never rely on assumptions. And certainly not if you write for an audience of millions. The researchers in the team have set up many tests with users.

Of Security By Design

For example, people with low literacy and the elderly walked through the app. The insights from these tests were extremely valuable. This once again underlined the importance of comprehensible, not too technical texts for people to enjoy using the app. Example of a text that has been tested.Did someone say an example? The above screen read: ‘And make sure your QR code is checked at the door within 40 hours’. For some of the over-65s, the term ‘at the door’ was not clear. Do we mean at home at the door here or is the entrance to the event meant? The second, of course. That this might create confusion had never occurred to us! But understandable when we looked at it from a different perspective. So we immediately adjusted this. Place in the app where the pick-up code returns.


Security Design

Another finding was this: during a test of the very first design, we ran into the user being given many different codes. The most important code in the app is the code that the user gets from the test location after a negative test. We first called it the unique code. Quite confusing. So we started looking for an alternative. Preferably a nice concrete alternative. What is the action associated with the code? Take a verification code, that is a code with which you verify. And with an activation code you activate something. What is the user doing here? Here you can retrieve your test result in the app with the code. So a pick-up code. Eureka! Example UX writing.

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