The reason for the demise of Nokia and Yahoo disruptive innovation, you know? Turkey Mobile Number

Ma Huateng said in an interview at the University of Hong Kong: “You have nothing wrong, but you are too old.”

“We didn’t do anything wrong, but for some reason, we lost,” the Nokia CEO said at a press conference about the acquisition of his brand by Microsoft, and wept.

Why is it as powerful as Nokia not able to maintain its own business kingdom? What path did these entrepreneurs who overthrew the Old Kingdom follow to achieve disruptive innovation?

Any value network has a boundary of failure

Every enterprise has its own Turkey Mobile Number set of dependent business systems, which is the value network of the enterprise in business terms. The success of an enterprise lies in its adaptability to the value network. The more it can adapt to the value network, the more comfortable it is and the better its profitability.

But when the new market starts to subvert the old market, like path dependence, everything you need is attached to this network, specifically, the actions of suppliers and customers on this network. All your play is for these services.

Entering a new market, you still do it with the old logic, then even if you do everything right, you will eventually fail.

Growth is an inevitable dilemma

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In the past, Google seemed to have a question “What is the most beautiful mathematical formula?” I don’t know what the most beautiful mathematical formula is, but the most beautiful curve, I think, can only be growth. Is there a more captivating curve in the world than growth?

For a business, growth is the lifeblood of profit and market capitalization. all in growth.

On the one hand, the best way for an enterprise to achieve growth is to serve its current customers and become its current suppliers. When the customer service says “NO”, the company will also say “NO”.

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