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There is a good chance that after each Moment of Inspiration the customer undertakes a new quest. All the more reason to distinguish yourself by delivering an extra experience that is valuable for your customer. Because it is precisely these experiences that are powerful and are often underestimated. Here lies an opportunity to wrestle yourself out of the great sea of ​​sameness. Ask the right question It is therefore important to find out Portugal Phone Number how and where your customers find their Moments of Inspiration. Your customer research plays a major role in this.

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A common mistake is that you only focus on the purchase in the questions: why did you decide to stay overnight in hotel X in Amsterdam? Those answers do not lie with the inspiration. The question you SHOULD ask is: ‘What inspired you to visit Amsterdam?’ This answer is the starting point. Someone who is in Amsterdam for an event in the RAI has a business trip. And then other criteria for the hotel apply ( I don’t need a bedroom with a desk, I need an office with a bed ). And so you can focus on the specific requirements and your opportunities in this journey. Start with the Loyalty Loop mindset It is of course not possible to change your model.


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Especially now that there is a lot of pressure on your marketing and sales results. Continuously challenge yourself and your teams with these two questions: How do you use the Loyalty Loop to keep your relations inspired, with the aim that they use your brand again or mention it to friends? Do you have a distinctive and valuable approach to your content strategy for your new, existing customers, followers and subscribers? Loyalty? Re-inspire! Getting your customers into the Loyalty Loop (back) is therefore all about the Moment of Inspiration: the journey they never expected to buy something they didn’t even know they needed .

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