The Right Balance Between Content

The main goal therefore remained: to create a platform for inspiring ideas. Studies continue to show that inspiration remains the number 1 reason for people to keep coming to events. The human brain cannot process China Phone Number constant inspiration for a full day. In addition, according to the Social and Cultural Planning Office, people are finding it increasingly difficult to combine their daily activities. Smaller, short events are therefore becoming increasingly popular. A selection of speakers who do not claim an hour of speaking time, but rather 20 minutes. And a smaller group of visitors, which also visibly improves interaction.

Balance Between Content

The New Networking Besides inspiration, networking still remains the second biggest reason for visitors to go to an event. Physical, virtual or hybrid. Now the event apps were already available in abundance before corona, with which you could facilitate between. The visitors with the most advanced techniques such as matchmaking. Now that we see a strong increase in hybrid events, this is really a challenge for the organizers. Because how do you bring both virtual and physical participants into contact with each other? Now virtual participants would like to get in touch with the physical ones, but I don’t see physical participants constantly on their phone, if they can also physically raise a glass with someone.


Between Content

All kinds of funny solutions have already been devised in that area, such as video-call robots. These are controlled by virtual participants. And also think of robots that bring the virtual participants to the attention of the network hotspots in a fun way. It still remains a real challenge for organizers, because where you could normally simply refer to a network location, you now have to make much more effort to properly connect virtual and physical guests. I myself can recommend the more advanced events apps, such as Bizzaboo and Hopin, which facilitate this entire process well and offer a nice range of solutions. 5. Marketing Challenges and Opportunities Good marketing remains necessary to actually get visitors to an event.

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