The Right Way to Automate Your Social Media Campaign

For some, it’s a bit of both. and more! No matter how we choose to use it, we naturally ask: what is our ROI ? I think Gary Vaynerchuk said it well when responding to a CMO who asked to know how to judge the ROI of social media: What is your mother’s ROI? Gary’s makes sense. kind of. When it comes to social media activity, Gary is a force. Malformation. He even wrote a book . Seth Godin, not so much. Seth Godin’s active Twitter account is an RSS feed. A pure distribution channel. His personal account is just a placeholder. Seth-Godin-Twitter So which marketing giants get it right? Hard to say. There are no hard and fast rules.

Maintain Human Supervision

New England Patriots had to apologize for pushing a racial slur because of their automated campaign. But these benign activities are victims of questionable behavior. There isn’t a flawed concept. There’s a lesson to be learned, though: don’t walk away automatically. Monitor your account to write back thanking people for sharing your content. 2. When someone is following you, don’t automatically direct message I agree with Jonathan Cross’s distasteful approach . He writes: But when I see accounts that never reply, retweet, or engage with others Azerbaijan Phone Number List but merely share their own content or branding on a loop, I can quickly conclude that there is actually anyone behind the scenes. Also, anyone who does this shows that they pick up their networking skills in the social backwater. It’s

Tragic events to watch out for

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marketing and self-promotion anxiously wait for a big event organizer to announce that the hashtag is included. According to advertising agency attorney Brian Heidelberg , you are “compromising the event’s goodwill without being an official sponsor.” Don’t do it: A thousand years of bad Zhu Zhu . Not to mention, you may find yourself sued for trademark infringement. Instead, distill your message into hashtags that add value: educate, entertain, or inform your audience. or create your own. 6. Test The backbone of any online activity should be  results. actual effect. ( Sorry, Gary Five) You don’t have to be an analysis freak. Fortunately, most platforms have some form of benchmarking. How should you rate it? Is there a time when you get the most engagement day (or day of the week)? Which headlines work best? (Remember to share the

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