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Be in 3 different ways: Choose the one who has achieved the most points when the World Cup ends. Carry out a draw among those participants who have obtained the most points at the end of the cheer. Choose a Canada phone number or winners per day or phase based on the points obtained. 6. Forget about results. Setting up new matches and handing out points. Our app performs all these actions for you! Gaining followers on Instagram has become one of the obsessions of users and companies that have a profile on this social network.

This social network already has 815 million active users per month (as of April 2018) and. At this rate. It will soon reach 1.000. With the new updates of the application. The live videos. The Stories . Etc. The entire Instagram ecosystem has only grown and stood out as one of the Canada phone number used social networks today. Do you want to know how you can get followers on Instagram and generate a community around your brand? At Cool Tabs we give you a few tips that will surely be very useful to you. Take note! Followers on Instagram Index [ hide ] How to get followers on Instagram 1.

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Respect the ratio of followers / followed 3. Define a theme 4. Create an eye-catching gallery 5. Add descriptions to photos 6. Use hashtags in your photos 7. Take care of the edition 8. Take into account the frequency of your publications 9. Do sweepstakes and promotions to attract Canada phone number users How to get followers on Instagram 1. Optimize your profile This must be taken into account. Not only for Instagram. But for any social network. Without a properly completed profile. We are doomed to failure. So it is essential that we optimize it by following a series of guidelines.

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We must create a profile that is attractive enough to attract the attention of our possible follower. Profile picture:  a picture is worth a thousand words. Surely you have heard it before. You must put a Canada phone number photo that defines you perfectly. Clearly and with good framing. Description:  be concise. It is important that you briefly explain who you are or what you do . In many cases it is convenient to put what will be the theme of your account. You can help yourself with emoticons to make your description more visual. On Instagram

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Link to your website:  do not forget this point. Since it gives you the possibility to direct your followers where you want. If it is the case that you do not have a blog or website. You can put the link to your other social networks. 2. Respect the ratio of followers / followed Although it Canada phone number not be taken into account when following a profile or not. The truth is that it is so. We should try to respect a 1/1 ratio . That is. Have the same number of followers as followed. In this way. Most of the users who see our profile will not take a negative image. And if we manage to have more followers than followed.

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