The Ultimate List of Video Marketing Statistics for 2020

Wondering if you should invest in video marketing? Is your target audience interested in consuming video content? Will it be worth your resources? In short, yes. Video marketing not only continues to grow in popularity. Among marketers, but more and more consumers. Are demanding video experiences in communications delivered. To Slovenia B2B List their inboxes or news feeds. The Ultimate List of Video Marketing Statistics for 2020.

When used correctly, video marketing promotes your product or service, educates your customers, entertains an extended network, and helps you reach new audiences. You can use video to delight your customers and inform their purchasing decisions. You can also use it to train and onboard new employees. Read on to discover the top video marketing stats for 2020 that will guide your digital strategy for the year ahead.

Build Your Marketing Arsenal With Video Marketing

You’ll not only learn the best video marketing metrics. But also which digital channels you should focus your resources on. Like email and social media. Build your marketing arsenal with video marketing Before we look at the stats, it’s important to understand how video marketing can help you build your brand, build a cult following, and increase your sales conversions.

Video marketing has gone from a means of entertainment to truly transforming the way consumers buy. In fact, 90% of customers say video helps them make purchasing decisions and are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. What does this mean for your business? You have the ability to use video throughout the buyer’s journey, not just to build brand awareness and increase engagement.

Develop a Video Marketing Strategy for Your Digital Channels

 Slovenia B2B List

With video marketing, you can retarget website visitors or social media followers, re-engage cold leads, and onboard new customers. The options are truly endless in what you can expand to give your customers a more personalized and dynamic experience. Regardless of the size of your business, video is a viable marketing strategy to adopt.

However, before you grab a camera, here are some video suggestions to consider: Explanatory or practical videos Brand Videos Interviews Live Videos Industry Update Videos Behind the scenes videos Daily Videos Product Release Videos Product reviews or demos Our Campaign Monitor 101 video series breaks down emails so you don’t have to go it alone. With so many creative avenues you can take, you really want to consider who your audience is and what they will relate to.

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