The User Experience Creates the First Impression and This

Can strongly influence the conversion and, therefore, the sales kpis. Conclution let’s be honest, the statistics don’t lie and with the advancement of technology this has only just begun. The design of the web , the interface and everything that Luxembourg B2B List encompasses the user experience are essential for any company regardless of its objectives . A good information architecture and an effective organization and presentation of the product greatly influence sales . Remember that every $1 invested in ux results in a return between $2 and $100. What would be the return if we invest $0? Well that. The User Experience Creates the First Impression and This.

That Is Why Ux Is About Sales

You may be wondering: what does ux have to do with the conversions of your website ? Well everything. The user experience is not worked altruistically, it has an end. You want to get something, whether the user stays on your website, fills out a certain form or buys your products/services. Every time users land on your website, they are having an experience. The User Experience Creates the First Impression and This.

The quality of your feedback has a significant impact on your opinion (will i like it?), on the possibility of being reviewed (do i tweet or talk about it?) and, ultimately, on conversions (will the user do what you want). What do we want him to do?). But before we talk about conversions and ux, we should explain what the user experience really is.

First of All, Don’t confuse the user experience

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Don’t confuse the user experience (ux) with the user interface (UI) . The ui is the visual aesthetic, while the ux is based on the user experience. Visualize a new and spacious kitchen with all the top appliances, you may like to see it, but until you cook in it you have not had a real experience.

In this example, the kitchen would be the ux. Visual aesthetics are important for websites, but visual design is only one step in the process. A beautiful website can make a great first impression, but if users can’t handle it, the overall experience will be pretty bad. Ultimately, the user experience is a responsibility shared by all those professionals who contribute to a brand / product / service – from the user interface designer to the customer service staff.

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