Them Was That Own Social Media Channels

All we wanted from them was that they would report on the trip on their own social media channels. This way, not only the five winners would experience what our university is like. Their friends, classmates and family would also get those experiences first hand. It soon turned out to be a golden idea. The result: More than 1 million impressions Nepal Phone Number within our international target group. Nearly 5,000 unique page views of the registration form on our website. A bounce rate of only 13% – while they didn’t have to go further on the website to participate. More than 300 signups bout 6% of all page views.

That Own Social Media Channels

We were therefore quite surprised by our own success. The one hour we had planned to choose five winners turned into an entire afternoon. In addition, we were able to set more requirements for the composition of the group of winners. Even more followers on their own public social media accounts, nice distribution based on interest, gender, age, et cetera. Freedom We would only set up an overall program for the winners. That was one of our most important conditions for success. A program with a few fixed elements, but also plenty of space and freedom to experience those things yourself as a student.


Social Media Channels

In addition, each winner was assigned a TU e ​​student from the same country as a supervisor. For example, the Greek winner was accompanied throughout the trip by a Greek TU/e ​​student. We, as an organisation, would play a role in the background. We were only present during the official kick-off, not the rest of the trip. We hoped to make the winners’ experiences even more authentic. As a result, we gave them the opportunity to experience the visit as if they had come themselves. And thus to get to know the university, our campus, and the students.

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