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Impact on the shopping street For years, pedestrian flows have been decreasing and vacancy in shopping streets has increased. Not least because of the rise of e-commerce, the entry of foreign platforms and the Iran Phone Number  accelerated adoption of these due to corona. However, consumers also experience disadvantages of online shopping. The top three: missing a physical experience (55%), having delivery costs (43%) having a delivery time (19%) according to the Home Shopping Market Monitor Q1 2021 . Flash delivery will be possible by 2030 for much more than just groceries, virtually eliminating the disadvantage of delivery time. There are also more and more solutions for missing a physical experience, such as augmented reality, which will be further developed by 2030. In 2030 there will be fewer shops and we expect an even greater mix between shopping, living, culture and catering in city centers.

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Municipalities will play an even greater role in the design of city centers by creating a distinctive proposition. Retailers, together with business associations, will develop total concepts in which shopping and Iran Phone Number leisure go hand in hand. After all, shopping has moved further and further up the pyramid of. Maslow mainly revolves around fun, social contacts and enjoyment. The shopping street of 2030 is therefore mainly a place where it is all about having a nice day. Shopping in 2030: decisiveness in a decade of change Change requires decisiveness.

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How do you prepare for the Iran Phone Number consumer and shopping of the future? The customer at the center New customers, existing customers, future customers, I-customers, we-customers. There are a lot of varieties. By mapping customer journeys you know more about your target group, where they are online and how they behave online. If you want to learn more about this, the Iran Phone Number Training Customer journey might be interesting.

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