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Dare to use innovation to maximize value. Collaboration and communication. 1. Give value maximization space in your vision and strategy A clear vision and strategy in the organization and within customer contact is a must . This vision undoubtedly Iceland Phone Number contains a good basis for how you want to serve your customers and ambitions for efficiency and cost savings. Is value maximization (such as the commercial ambitions) sufficiently represented in the strategy of your customer contact organization, if you look at the ambitions of your organization? Strategy Bringing value maximization back into your customer contact strategy is an important step. The trick is then to work towards a good balance, where value maximization is a fully-fledged part of the strategy.

You Post One Contribution

At Eneco, this was an organic process to achieve a good balance and level of detail. In the first year we only started with cross- and upsell. The impact we were able to make, in the relatively short term, was greatest on this part. By focusing only on cross- and upsell, we wanted to quickly achieve demonstrable results and thus prove (to ourselves and the organization. That we are really capable of making a difference. Also read: The ‘secret sauce’ for a successful customer contact strategy [podcast] Strategy in an OGSM A number of OGSMs (our annual plan on an A4: Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures ) further, value maximization has reached a full position.


Post One Contribution

This was initially achieved by providing direct evidence in the first year: 100% growth in cross- and upsell. This increases the belief and mindset to continue on this path. It also helps to justify the deployment of resources and change of course. We then spent more time at each OGSM on the question of how we can make an extra impact on cross- and upsell. And through discussions with colleagues from the commercial organization among others. About what the next topic should be that we will get into. Gradually, the number of projects and initiatives to add value have increased, and a good balance has been created in the OGSM. Essential: after setting up a strategy, it comes down to ‘doing.

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