There Is No Roi in Social Media Marketing

too big. The ROI of social media is everyone’s momentary holy grail. And it’s easy to see why. If a business were going to devote time, energy and attention to social media marketing , it would be nice to feel that we would actually get some sales out of it. In other words, we want a return on our investment. Sonia Simeone recently spoke with Sean Jackson, CFO of Copy blogger Media, about the ROI of social media. Below is its descent. Sonia: Well, you know, everyone is looking for how to improve their social media marketing ROI. What advice do you have for them? Sean: Social media marketing is never a return on investment. There is no marketing meeting.

What is the ROI of Email

Quickly, calculate the ROI of using email in your organization. Sure, you probably know it initially costs your email system to install, but how do you measure the benefits you get from it? If you’re like most, you don’t know. You probably don’t care. However, not having email in your organization can cause more harm than good. Its “gain” is not so much a return, but is measured in the business as a hidden cost. Unfortunately, this is not the same point of Benin Phone Number List view for marketers who use the word ROI when they talk about it. Marketing is not what you buy off the shelf It’s like walking up to the local dealer and saying, “I’ll take a good 2012 internet marketing model with a social media package” – a ridiculous analogy and not too far from the truth.

The Market Needs a New Culture

I’m fortunate to have some of the smartest people working in internet marketing. Sonia: Quit sucking. Sean: I didn’t mean you, I meant Brian . Sonia: Well, that’s fine. Sean: Just kidding, this probably makes a lot of readers, as a multi-million dollar growing business, our advertising expenses are insignificant – it’s a rounding error on our income statement. Sonia: I absolutely have to know what a P&L is? Sean: That would be a good idea. It’s just profit and loss. How much money we take and how much we spend. So anyway, it’s not that we can’t measure marketing or that we don’t spend money on it. Sonia: Yes. Sean: But for us, marketing is an inherent cost of doing business and against the fact that we generate profits.

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