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View the training In general, I have little patience to read a manual or really immerse myself in a tool. That’s why I sometimes mess around. So Italy Phone Number  was my Gmail. But in the course of time I have discovered some tricks through colleagues. The internet to work smarter and faster. In this article, I’ll share 11 helpful tips to better organize your Gmail inbox. 1. Teach yourself keyboard shortcuts Let’s talk basics. We click something in our mailbox. That is not only inefficient, but also not ergonomic. Teaching yourself a number of shortcuts when digging through your mailbox saves a lot of clicks and time.

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To use keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, you must first enable this feature. To do thisgo to settings via the gear in the top right, scroll to ‘shortcuts’ and choose ‘turn on shortcuts’. Don’t forget to save it. As soon as this function is on you can find an overview of . The shortcut key combinations via the combination Shift ?. It’s a Italy Phone Number  long list with all kinds of combinations. You can make a whole study out of it, but I’ll list a few useful and common ones r reply a answer all f forward Ctrl Enter to send z undo last action e to archive † remove Shift + i mark as read shift  u Mark as unread or mark as important † mark as not important c make draft Ctrl Shift  d delete draft Search.

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Continue to next chat or message Ctrl + , go back to previous chat or message Also nice, you can adjust the shortcuts to combinations that are useful or logical for you. To do this, go to Advanced in your settings, where you can turn on Custom Shortcuts. After you have saved this, an extra ‘Hotkeys’ tab will appear, where you Italy Phone Number can make adjustments (or restore the default settings at the bottom). 2. Undo Send It happens to me more often than I would like, that I send an e-mail at my speed without an attachment. Or as I hit the submit button, remember I want to add another link.

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