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B2B buying journey The B2B buying journey can be quite complex (Image: Gartner) Reducing complexity through personalization 77% of decision-makers within a DMU found the last purchase complex. Due to an abundance of Macedonia Phone Number information and content, it is often difficult to determine what the best solution is for a specific issue. Online orientation quickly becomes a struggle for many B2B target groups. We ourselves regularly deploy a CDP (Customer Data Platform), so that website visitors can see personalized content. For example, you can show a visitor from the financial services different content than a visitor who is active in the transport industry.

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Advertising and other sources in one intelligent platform. This makes personalization possible. After all, the ideal customer journey is personal and can mean something completely different for one visitor than for another. If you combine good timing with high relevance, something can arise that many marketers dream of! In the Netherlands, we see that CDPs are mainly used by the somewhat larger B2C e-commerce and travel & leisure players. Here too, B2B lags somewhat behind, while there is an enormous opportunity to remove complexity and distinguish yourself from the competition.


Are Not Disapproved

The B2B buyer journey in 7 steps In our method, the B2B customer journey (simplified) consists of 7 phases. Not linearly, but in a circle. After all, you want a customer to come back to you! Being actively present where potential – and existing – customers are is key in this. Traditionally, the distribution between sales and marketing in the buyer journey is the same. But we see that in recent years this has shifted towards a larger share of marketing. Your own website is central to this buyer journey, but inbound strategies via the right distribution channels are indispensable.

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