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With this, we attracted a total of 1200 visitors to the landing page. That doesn’t seem like much, but there are about 4,700 specialized decision-makers and influencers in Europe in this specialized market. That suddenly makes 1200 more than 25% of the target group. Not bad for a ‘volatile medium’. Nearly 200 people watched the webinar. So more than 4% of the total Armenia Phone Number target group visited our event. It eventually led to just under a hundred sales accepted leads. By the way, the market we are talking about is 300 billion worldwide. Through this elaboration of the Value Proposition Canvas, we have arrived at the personal/emotional tasks of the customer.

You Access As Long

The greatest risk for the expert is not being aware of the development. That can lead to loss of face. It is precisely the provision of new information (the supply side of the model) that alleviates the pain and at the same time enhances the gain. Other B2B propositions In this campaign, the fear of missing out was the central problem. Of course, you can think of lots of emotions that touch an expert. These emotions can be promising starting points for developing a B2B proposition for a campaign. For example, what do you think of the desire for status or recognition? Responding to emotions is commonplace in consumer marketing. In the B2B world, emotions are still portrayed by some as ‘to the consumer.


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But who sees B2B as person-to-person marketing, for example, can respond quite effectively to the vanity of the customer’s representative. Another emotion that has worked wonderfully recently is acting on the desire to matter. The main message was: ‘how does a municipal official guide his organization through the European regulatory jungle’? It seems boring, but it offers the usually anonymous official a chance to lead his organization to the pot of gold like a bureaucratic Indiana Jones. That raises his her status. This is probably why the conversion of the small campaign was high.

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