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This makes it easy to learn languages. Petrichor is the Spanish word for that special, wonderful smell of rain hitting the ground. You know it. This makes me wonder: why don’t we have a Dutch word for this phenomenon? A gentleman Jamaica Phone Number with an umbrella. pronounced ba-yu-kat. Russians use this term to describe how a child is rocked to sleep in his crib or in his mother’s arms. The word’s origin is linked to a verb no longer used in modern Russian which means to tell meaningless stories or to sing meaningless songs.

This Humble Article

Sjottelsplak if your Limburg mother-in-law ever yells at you ‘De sjottelsplak licks naeve den durchslaag’, you know where to look for the dishcloth: next to the colander. Other Limburg words that you should start using today: blaubaere blueberries shower sandwich and floepschieter you think Polish is a language that has nothing in common with Dutch? Yet you can easily discover the word chestnut in Kazan . However, this Germanic influence on the Polish language is not due to the Flemish or Dutch: it is the German language that has given many words to Polish. For example, Polish has the words burmistrz from Bürgermeister sznur from Schnurr, or a rope and place from Platz, a square.

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That child is currently being born. It sounds even stranger to say, ‘The child is currently drilling. The word ‘born’ fascinates, and there is great beauty in this element of fascination for me. But why, Vincent, why? A blog out of love for languages; it was about time I wrote it. Yet I think that it is not only writers, linguists and other literati who realize how important language is. Language is what distinguishes us, humans, together with the quality that we laugh, from the animals. Language has enabled us to make clear with minimal effort that the dishcloth is next to the colander. Or that a slob eats spookasem in a lifting container and thinks with great passion of a delicious koldskål.

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