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Of the event and the tweeters were eager to share their impressions about what awaited them during the 3 days of the event. Top 10 users with the most tweets With nothing more and nothing less than 1.192 tweets . The profile of the Digital Enterprise is in the top 1 of users with Australia phone number most tweets. Who are in the top 10? DES 2018 On the other hand. We have the top 10 users with the most followers who used the DES 2018 hashtag  . We met marketers. The media and companies from the marketing and technology sectors.

DES 2018 DES 2018 hashtags In addition to tweeting with the hashtag #DES2018. Users have also done so using other hashtags related to topics that were discussed at the event. Some examples are: #Digital Transformation. #spaindes2018. #Madrid. #innovation or #marketing. DES 2018 Most Australia phone number words In this report. You will be able to analyze the words that were used the most during the days of the event. Among them we find examples such as: “digital” with 839 occurrences. “stand” with 331. “today” with 227.

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The topics that were discussed during the days of the event such as: innovation. Digital transformation and digital marketing . DES 2018 #DES2018 Trending Topic The official hashtag of the event was Trending Topic  in Spain throughout the day. From 10:39 to 18:11. Even reaching Australia phone number position on several occasions. In the case of trends in Madrid. It was below the top 10 from 10:40 a.m. To 5:11 p.m.. Later reaching sixth place. There is no doubt that Instagram is the top social network of the moment. With almost 900 million users.

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It is essential to include the social network of photographs in your brand strategy. For this reason. We have created the definitive Instagram guide . In which we explain step by step how to use Instagram for your brand and all the keys and tricks. Plus. It’s completely free! Guide: how to Australia phone number Instagram Index [ hide ] How to use Instagram for your brand. Step by step Why Instagram is the fastest growing social network Instagram in your Social Media Marketing strategy How to define your goals on Instagram using the SMART model How to use Instagram: tips and tricks.

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Instagram Introduction to monitoring and analysis on Instagram How to use Instagram for your brand. Step by step This is the most complete guide you will find on Instagram. We give you all the tips so you know step by step how to use Instagram for your brand strategy. This is all Australia phone number can find in our definitive guide: Why Instagram is the fastest growing social network Discover what is the use that is made in Spain of the social network of photographs. The most important figures and data and the advantages of Instagram compared to other social networks.

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