This Neuromarketing Technique Offers a Large Block

We are facing another innovative procedure to measure neuronal activity based. On, changes in blood flow, recording the evolution of brain activity. Facial emotion recognition software with the face. We, say it all because it is one of our most expressive areas of the body. Facial emotion recognition Tunisia B2B List software makes it easy to accurately detect.

Analyze, and report emotions from facial movement in the face of different stimuli. Facial expressions are strongly linked to emotions, and that is what it is all about, capturing emotions and responding to them in a marketing strategy.

Information That Requires

Professional analysis and study because. Not, in vain, expressions can be fake, with reaction time being a key factor for the real veracity of expressions. Moreover, galvanic skin response the galvanic response of the skin is one of the most used and recognized metrics in neuromarketing techniques. Didn’t you know? The skin says a lot about us.

Galvanic skin response refers to changes in sweat gland activity that reflect the intensity of our emotional state. Sweat secretion and skin conductance two key factors linked to emotions. The latter is not under conscious control but is autonomously modulated by sympathetic activity driven by aspects of human behavior. As, well as cognitive and emotional states. Through sensors and their monitoring, it is possible to measure these factors that give a direct message about the user’s emotions.

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Moreover, is a non-invasive functional brain imaging technique. That, uses sensitive magnetometers to measure the small magnetic fields. Generated, by natural electrical signals in the brain. As in the case of the other techniques mentioned. It, is possible to monitor the parts of the brain that respond to the brain activity derived from a given stimulus.

It is a technique of great precision and quality, offering a direct. Measurement, of brain function (not like other measurement techniques). It, has a very high temporal resolution as it works with events with time scales of the order of milliseconds. It also provides excellent spatial resolution and events can be located with millimeter precision.  Electromyography (emg) muscles don’t lie! This technique records the movement of our muscles.

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