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All too often I see web texts that first talk about ‘you’, and then switch to ‘you’. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you stay consistent. Also, once you decide to use “you”, make sure you do so throughout the text. copywriting do’s and don’ts Five copywriting dos, Okay, now that we’ve covered the five copywriting don’ts, I’d rather focus on Lebanon Phone Number the positives. We all make mistakes and the great thing is: you can learn from mistakes! That’s why I now want to share my five do’s with you. Here they come! Do know who you are writing for A good web text, blog or message for social media is not written for everyone, but it is for the person you want to reach.

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That is why it is important to know who you are writing for, what his or her problem is or what he or she is looking for. For me, every copywriting assignment starts with focusing on ‘the ideal customer’ . Do #2: divide your text into paragraphs As I wrote before, too much text is not pleasant to read. By using paragraphs you make a text interesting. In addition, a text is easier to scan if it is divided into several text blocks. Make sure the text is on the page in a nice way and use matching graphics, photos or videos to keep the attention. Do use catchy (interim) titles It is nice for your readers to see interim titles this is also an SEO tip. If you start each paragraph (block of text) with a catchy title, you immediately attract attention.


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Make sure you use one H1 title on each web page and start the rest of the paragraphs with an H2 or H3 title. You can also use the titles to insert keywords. Do #4: be creative and original There’s no one like you, period. Make sure that your copywriting texts stand out and show why you are unique. By discovering what your ideal customer needs, you can attract attention in a creative and original way. For example: are you a career coach and is your ideal client quite a doubter? Then show in your texts that you are a real go-getter, that you take the lead and that you know how to help doubters.

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