Tiff, the online tool that allows you to compare fonts

Typographic variations, no matter how small they may seem, influence and can completely change a design. It’s not hard to see the obvious differences between a script typeface and a sans serif typeface. However, many times the similarities between fonts of the same style are more complicated to reveal especially to the untrained eye. Canadian designer mu ye has developed tiff , a website that allows you to quickly and easily compare four glyphs from two different fonts. Tiff, the online tool that allows you to compare fonts 1 it is only necessary to choose the main font, which will be shown in blue and with which we want to compare it this option will be shown in red, superimposed on the first one.


Cup and Mug Designs That Hold Water.

In this way, the differences between fonts are philippines photo editor obvious, no matter how obvious they may seem at first glance. You can choose up to four glyphs, in uppercase or lowercase letters to compare them at the same time, just write them in the boxes at the bottom of the page. There are three things to remember about distillation tradition, tradition, and tradition. And if you want to visit one of the most famous distilleries in the world from your sofa, this is the website to go to. Whether on the homepage with its fully interactive illustration or in the videos, the content tells the story, the manufacturing process and even, dare we say it, the love that is found in each bottle. Of this famous beverage. Although this site is filled with flash animations, navigation is very easy.

philippines photo editor

Artists’ Books to Inspire Your Book Cover Designs.

Not even the white text on a black background CNB Directory manages to distract the visitor’s attention thanks to a sufficiently bold typeface. It’s fun to visit the different buildings in the illustration and, thanks. To its red color, it’s impossible to lose your mouse also, if. You like whiskey, their videos will make you thirsty. We find the atmosphere and the values ​​of the brand to create a good. Tennessee whisky, you need good water, quality ingredients and time.

If you weren’t particularly a fan of jack daniels, you. Before the end of your visit mecre mechanical creatures a spectacular website. As an artist, your website should be unique and showcase the works you create. The german gaby wormann, the father of these little mechanical creatures, understood this well. These are not spy drones to interfere in the daily life of your. Neighbors, but rather ornamental objects which nevertheless seem to be alive. Imagine a “cyberpunk” scorpion.

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